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Company Zafar Pack

Zafar packaging industry for over 20 years in designing and manufacturing plastic molds and vacuum parts, special crockery, glassware and glass doors flood Flexible and production experience is canned. Containers of this company PET/PVC/PET-PE/PVC-PE Are. The company also provides 2 models shoulder containers for packaging design and production of quail eggs for the first time has met with wide acceptance in the market Is.

Victory of good quality and promise always to the forefront of its work and with a detailed feasibility study of the market, seeks to identify and meet the needs of it.In this regard, the willingness of some manufacturing industries to pack your goods in containers and the flood are untenable cost than the price of semi and fully automatic machines in low volume production, packaging Zafar decided to Dstkah manual floods produce.

  • Plastic vacuum
  • Production crockery
  • Production of glass doors and Canned
  • Design, mold making, manufacturing

Promise of victory is always good quality and put miniature work

The purpose of the small producers who want the market to buy then measure this type of packaging machines are automatic. The device with the lowest cost steel supply and up to one year warranty. Because the desktop can be found in restaurants, retail stores, protein and nuts used easily.

Having a one year warranty

Certified CE

All stainless steel body parts

Because small and portable